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    How to install icicidirect's trade racer on win7/vista

    Ive been trading on icicidirect via web ... now tht trade race has been introduced Im unable to install on my windows 7 and vista machines ........
    I spoke to one of the guys in icicidirect they said u require msjvm... i have it installed although it is an outdated platform n microsoft has stopped support for it, but its creating problems and not launched...

    Any help shall be welcomed ...
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  3. yea, its really a pain installing icici trade racer on latest system, on windows xp we can install it easily but we need to install msjvm before that. Getting msjvm is also not easy (as Microsoft withdrew it support services) but u can get it from FileSearch - MSJAVX86.EXE ( after installing it u need to run windows update as it has many security holes. But again, it has lots problems in it. Havent used it though as Im using windows 7 and it doesn't even install on vista, leave aside windows 7.
    But I can't understand why ICICI direct is not using the common java (jvm) platform as other brokers are using which can be installed on any windows.

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    Re: How to install icicidirect's trade racer on win7/vista

    only way is to install a virtual machine with XP as OS. Trade Racer works only with XP. Install Virtual Machine with XP OS and follow the instructions in ICICI Direct.

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    Re: How to install icicidirect's trade racer on win7/vista

    I m using icici trade racer since 1 yr. i hav windows vista and it works perfectly..

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