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    ramana.gelli Guest

    Thumbs up What is stop loss trigger price

    can any one explain stoploss trigger price. i am not able to understand this in case of selling how it works

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    stoploss is used to "stop your loss" -to cut the losses.you can use a pivot calculator for simple stop loss calculation for delivery based trading and intraday stop loss depends on how much you are ready to lose - means the maximum amount you are ready to lose- it also depends on the price movements of the scrip for that particular day

    If you put a stop loss sell order at 123 it means that the broker placed and order for selling the stock at one condition - if it breaches the tigger price the order will be executed immediately at market price to prevent further losses.

    Lets say that the stock is quoting at 125.you place a stop loss sell order at 123 with a trigger price of say 123.25.when the price reaches 123.25 or below, the stop loss sell order get activated or triggered.the order will be placed as a sell order for 123.
    But on the contrary if the price starts moving up say from 123.10 to 124 the order won't be excecuted.
    Then in that case if the price starts moving up say ... 126 ...127 ..... you can change the stop loss trigger price to 125.00 so that if it starts moving down it should not be sold below 125 levels...
    It' s always good to change the stop loss sell order if the price starts moving up....

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